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Taishakukyou Kanko Hotel Kinsaikan

【Official】Taishakukyou Kanko Hotel Kinsaikan

Lakeside lodging facing Lake Shinryu National Park Taishakukyo, center of the National Park Taishakukyo Lake Shinryu

I opened the window, the blue water of Lake Shinryu that reflects the mountains and the blue sky of Taishaku Valley in front of you spread leisurely.
You can enjoy sparkling fresh greenery, canyons with full-sky stars, colorful autumn leaves, moist snow scenery and a variety of scenes for each season.

About measures against new coronavirus infection

  • Kinsaikan's efforts and requests to customers

    Please be careful about your physical condition and do not overdo it.
    ●Check In
    Please cooperate in wearing a mask and measuring the temperature.
    Please use the provided alcohol for hand sanitizer.
    Your voice may be difficult to reach due to the shielding plate on the front desk.
    Please provide regular ventilation.
    If you do not wish to raise or lower your futon, please let us know.
    If the public bath is often crowded, please contact the front desk.
    We will adjust the start time.Please relax in your room after meals.
    ●Check Out
    It tends to be crowded before 10am.Please complete the procedure with plenty of time.

Recommended day trip plan

  • Updated to September / October menu

    We will take your room for 3 hours from 11 am to 2 pm.

    There is also a public bath available, so you can relax and unwind.

    Please check the availability for your desired day by phone.

    You can see the menu from the link below.

(During suspension) To customers using the GoTo Travel Campaign

  • Please follow the procedure of ①②

    We will handle the procedures for customers who make reservations by phone.
    Please let us know your "resident prefecture/name/phone number".

    ① Accommodation reservation
    Please reserve your desired accommodation plan from "Accommodation Reservation" at the top right of this page.

    ② Issue coupon
    You can move to STAY NAVI from the link below.Member registration is required for the first time.
    Please enter from "Reserved" and register for the current accommodation reservation.
    A coupon will be issued, so please bring the coupon number on the day of printing or photo.
    After matching, you can settle at the discounted rate.


  • October 16, 2021

    Thank you for your inquiry about the autumn colors of Taishaku Valley

    This year, the morning and evening chills are still weak,
    You can see the scenery of the lakeside as of today.

    Sales of "Hiroshima Jawari" at this facility have already ended.
    plan to which the discount is applied
    【Limited to customers living in Hiroshima Prefecture】Hiroshima prefectural plan
    My name is.
    Customers who have already made a reservation should also check again.


Google Map

Hotel Name

Taishakukyou Kanko Hotel Kinsaikan


526 Misaka, Tojo Town, Shobara City, Hiroshima Prefecture

Telephone number



10 minutes by taxi from JR Geibi-Line Tojo Station on the JR Geibi-Line Tojo Station. 7 minutes from Lake Shinryu direction from Chugoku Expressway Tojo IC.

Transfer available (Transfer service is not attached to some accommodation plan)
If you wish, please call to confirm free transfer service and make a reservation in advance. Please call after arriving at JR Tojo Station or Tojo Bus Terminal on the day. We will pick you up in about 10 minutes. Use of pick-up is after 14:00. We will check out by 10 o'clock and we will leave at any time.
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