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Frequently Asked Questions

  • History of this facility

    Kinsaikan was born as a Yamada Ryokan Tojo, the post town used by the line Kinsaikan. Also there are still building in the Tojo Town now. SiContinue reading
  • Dining, Rairai-tei (Rairai-tei)

    We are having dinner and breakfast served at the restaurant facing Lake Shinryu.
    The landscape also changes in the morning and evening. EnjContinue reading
  • Children's banquet dishes

    There are not many varieties from lunch plate to multi-course meals, but it is prepared according to the volume served by children.
    Please Continue reading
  • Kinsaikan's bath a natural hot spring?

    Hot water of this facility is not a pure natural hot spring of sourced from the source. It is an artificial hot spring which warmed the coldContinue reading
  • When is the season of sightseeing?

    Taishaku Valley known as a scenic spot for autumn leaves. The view of autumn leaves is from around October 20 every year until around NovembContinue reading
  • Do you stack a lot of snow?

    Kinsaikan is located about 400m above sea level, it snows in winter. Snow may be piled up, but the snow on the road surface will almost dissContinue reading
  • Is there a shop asking for souvenirs around?

    We are preparing some souvenirs also in the front desk lobby of this facility, but there is a local souvenir not arriving at this facility "Continue reading
  • Can I use "public wireless LAN" within this facility?

    For the guests staying for the day and for the dinner party, you can use the Internet by the public wireless LAN method on the 2nd and 3rd fContinue reading
  • Where can I visit during dinner time?

    First of all, please check in at this facility. We accept from 15 o'clock. JR customers using JR or high-speed bus, we will pick you up fromContinue reading
  • About navigation and app search

    It is a request to customers who use car navigation and smartphone map applications.
    When Taishakukyou Kanko Hotel Kinsaikan this facility,Continue reading
  • What is the tourist attraction for recommendation?

    We guide you through the Natural Bridge Onbashi Bridge much trouble to come our opportunity to Taishaku Valley It is a 15 minute drive from Continue reading
  • Do you have a souvenir for recommendation?

    We have set a café "Onbashi Bridge" in the rooms of our guests. Here we are handcrafted by a long-established store in the Tojo City Urban AContinue reading
  • What is the specialty dish of Kinsaikan?

    Tojo Town and Jinseki Kogen Town Tojo Town Taishaku Valley is located, are known as "Japanese Wagyu no Sato (Wagyu Beef's Village)". The maiContinue reading