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It is a hotel for cooking that makes use of the ingredients of Hibiki and local production for local consumption.

While food safety is a concern, cooking seasonal ingredients using local ingredients
I will keep in mind that you can enjoy it safely.
The food is simple, but one-to-one products.
  • Kaiseki Meal

    Local meat, fish, vegetables and seasonal ingredients are stocked that morning and we are particular about cooking that makes use of the taste of the ingredients.

    Meals vary depending on the season and daily purchase, and the plan you choose. Please do not hesitate to tell us about your favorite volume and the ingredients you can not eat.
  • Hiroshima Wagyu Beef

    This area has long been awarded many prizes at the Wagyu Olympics as a production area for “Hiba beef” and “Jinseki Beef”.

    We suggest the recommended recipe such as steak, grilled tuna, shabu-shabu, and yakiniku.
  • Matsutake Mushroom

    The fun of autumn is From Taishaku Gorge from Taishakukyo. We are also planning an accommodation plan to taste matsutake mushroom according to the yield of the year.
  • Kougen Koshihikari

    It is a local brand and is grown in high altitude areas. The contract farmer will wholesale new rice in September.

    Please have fun eating rice grown in clean water and air.
  • Local production for local consumption

    We bring up rich blessings through the four seasons We propose the taste of vegetables derived from the land of Hiei and Kamiishi.
  • Konnyaku noodles

    Taishaku Valley is a producing area of konnyaku. As the original "Konjak noodles" it has become a completely standard menu. As a healthy dish, it has been favored as a souvenir.
  • Oysters in the Seto Inland Sea Sea and Crabs in the Sea of Japan

    Taishaku Valley is located at the foot of the Chugoku Mountains, halfway between the Seto Inland Sea and the Sea of Japan.

    We are blessed with seafood from the north to the south, and we use the essence of the regional cuisine for seasonal ingredients.
  • Food of a child

    For adults who have too much food, we offer "mini-course meals" or "lunch plates" for children.
  • Local sake

    Tojo Town, Shobara City is a liquor store. Delicious water produces delicious rice and delicious liquor.

    You can sample a local brand to Kikubunmei, Hiba Bijin, Shinrai at the front desk lobby. Serve your favorite liquor for dinner, as a souvenir ...