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Tourist information

There is real nature here

Beautiful green, fresh air, clean flow ...
And the world's rare natural bridge
Please explore the scenic beauty of western Japan based in Taishaku Valley
  • The highlights of Shobara city

    • Lake Shinryu

      An artificial lake that continues to the Taishakugawa Dam for hydroelectric power generation completed in 1924. It was redeveloped in 2006 and its water level has been secured. Kinsaikan is located on the shore.

      You can enjoy various types of boats such as pleasure boats and kayaks with elaborate seasons. The view from the surface of the water is also different from the view from the room.
    • Natural Bridge Onbashi Bridge

      Onbashi Bridge is a natural stone bridge 90 meters long, 19 meters wide and 40 meters high formed by the river water eroding limestone rock over many years. Designated as a national natural monument in 1987.

      Taishaku second parking lot is a journey of less than 30 minutes on the promenade from Taishaku second parking lot. You will see different impressions from season to season. Please feel the power in close proximity.
    • Bihoku National Hillside Park

      It is the only state-owned park in the Chugoku region and has a large site area of 340 ha. Kinsaikan 40 minutes on the ordinary road from the Kinsaikan 20 minutes on an expressway.

      So far, a large number of artists have had outdoor shows and festivals, but in recent years winter illumination has become a staple. With a variety of play equipment for children and full-fledged athletic facilities, you can enjoy the day as well.
    • Tojo Sambon Sakura (cherry blossom)

      Every year from mid-April, you can enjoy cherry blossom relays in Tojo Town, Shobara City, Tojo Town, Shobara City.

      The three of them Chidori-Besshaku Wild Cherry Blossom of Moriyudani's Ed Hegan, Onuka accepted Yogai cherry blossoms and Chidori-Besshaku Wild Cherry Blossom. Yamazakura, which decorates the anchor, is a huge tree of 27m in height and 400 years old. Watering the paddy field The fantastic figure that lights up at night is impressive.
    • Firefly by Shinryu Lakeside

      You can watch the fireflies from the end of June in the spots around Kinsaikan.

      First of all, it starts with familiar Genji firefly, and you can see the light of the rare Hime firefly at the end of the season.
    • Okuizumo Orochi-go

      Every year from April to November, there are trains on the JR Kisuki Line. You can experience not only the scenery from the car window, but also "switchback" to climb down a steep slope.
      *The last run will be on November 23, 2023.
    • Nearby tourist information

      Customers coming from far away are also visiting famous sightseeing spots in the prefecture such as Miyajima Island and Onomichi.